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How Ekkono Helped Him to Improve His Performance

1 Hour Webinar | 9.99€

“I got an immediate improvement on my performance due to my work with Ekkono” - Christian Pulisic.

You must ask yourself… Do all players need to be good at the same skills? Does a player need to be good at all skills in order to become professional? 

The answer is ‘no’. The key for becoming a successful player and being able to perform at the professional level is to develop specific qualities or movements based on your position in the field. 

In this session, we are going to discuss and explain the details on the Christian Pulisic case and how Ekkono helped the American star get his performance to the next level through Ekkono's Individual Players' Performance Program (IPPP©). 
The Ekkono Method Pillars
Ekkono's 4 Pillars and How to Apply Them in the Field

1 Hour Webinar | 9.99€

What is Ekkono? 
What is an Intelligent Player?
What are the pillars of the Ekkono Method?
How to apply them in the training sessions? 
How can me as a coach learn from this method and apply it in my team? 

These are only some of the questions that we are going to answer during this session, where we are going to go through the Ekkono Method Pillars, analysing and showing real life examples and giving useful tips on how to use the pillars in your training sessions to help you create intelligent players, from grassroots to professional level.
how to Build Your Own Game Model 
Learn the Key Aspects of Building a Game Model and
How to Adapt it to the Players' Age

1 Hour Webinar | 9.99€

Have you struggled with creating realistic game models for your team?
Do you want to learn how to create game models from youth players all the way to pro?
Do you want to know the main steps to creating your own?

Building your own game model is a CRUCIAL skill for all coaches to have. However, the model should evolve throughout the ages you coach and must be catered to your players age each season. In this webinar you will learn why creating a game model is SO important, the differences of creating a game model for different ages, and the main steps to building your own. 
Introduction to Ind. Fundamentals 
First Approach to Ekkono's Individual Fundamentals per Position 

1 Hour Webinar | 9.99€

Should a player be good in all skills in order to be successful?

 Learn all about Ekkono, the fundamentals your players should apply based on their
position in the field, and how YOU can help them immediately on the field. 

In this webinar you will learn about the concept of individual fundamentals distributed between defensive and offensive principles, with special focus in a key position in the field: Center Backs. The essential concepts from each of these fundamentals which will help you to apply them in the game / training and the improvement of your analysis of the key situations in the game thanks to the perfect learning of these fundamentals. 
Introduction to Team Fundamentals
First Approach to Ekkono's Team Fundamentals 

1.5 Hour Webinar | 14.99€

Do you know the difference between playing using game principles or playing with closed game solutions?

As a coach it is very important to know the differences, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each type of tactical solution, in order to obtain the maximum performance for my team.

Regarding the offensive phase, and more specifically the positional offensive phase, we will require a good rational space distribution so that the team can move the ball and generate unbalances in the opponent’s defensive block. To ensure this, the depth and width levels will play a key role in the offensive phase, as they will provide the team with different passing possibilities both inside and outside the opponent’s defensive block. In addition, in modern football, be prepared against turnovers is a vital aspect in order to avoid fast counterattacks from the opponent. The coach must have a good command of the most important game principles that ensure using a structure which provides their team protection while they are attacking.
Training Methodology
Steps to Build Training Drills, Organise Team Sessions
& Management Tips

10 Hours Course | 89.99€

You know what to teach to your players but... how can you make them understand them?

In order to ensure your players understand correctly the concepts and that they can apply them correctly in the matches, as a coach it is important that you have your own methodology and that you apply it in a consistent way. In this course we are going to go through which elements you should use during the first part of the training session and which ones should be used during the main part of the training. Also, we are going to show you how to manage the information during the session and give you some behavioural guidelines to apply both in training sessions and in the competition.
Elite Individual Fundamental per Position
Learn 95+ Offensive & Defensive Fundamentals for CB, AM & ST

20 Hours Course | 499€

Should your Center Backs keep their position or follow the striker...?
How should your Attacking Midfielder move to create the most danger...?
Should your strikers come short or should they attack the space...?
Learn Ekkono's 95 most precious fundamentals to increase your player's performance 

During matches, our players constantly go through very complex situations. As a coach, most of the time you observe the result but are unable to give your player a clear direction on how to act on each specific situation. This 20-hour course will provide you with very deep and specific individual fundamentals tailored to each of the following positions: Center Back, Advanced Midfielder and Striker. 

 Discover in depth a total of more than 95 defensive and offensive individual fundamentals distributed between central backs, advanced midfielders and strikers. Learn essential concepts from each of these fundamentals which will help you to apply them in the games / training sessions.  Improve your analysis of key game situations thanks to the perfect learning of these Fundamentals.
Elite Team Fundamentals
Master Offensive & Defensive Fundamentals of All Phases of the Game

20 Hours Course | 499€

How can I protect my team during defensive transitions?
Which ideas do I need to master if I want my team to focus on positional attacks?
I want my team to press high but... how can I do this effectively?

As a coach, we most times we have an idea on how we want our team to play: giving priority to positional attack, focusing on counterattacks, pressing high, defending in a low block... However, do you know which principles are behind these ways of playing? In this 20-hour course we are going to deep dive on them, covering all four phases of the game and providing you with the tools to apply successfully any of the game strategies you use in your team.

Explore in depth all team fundamentals distributed by game phase. Learn the concepts from each of these fundamentals that will help you to apply them in the games / training sessions. Improve your analysis of the key situations in the game thanks to the perfect learning of these Fundamentals.


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